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AR Management

A/R Outstanding claims and late collections frequently add administrative stress to healthcare organizations. Insurance companies very often deny claims or refuse to pay. Additionally, federal regulations have become increasingly stringent. This effect increases the pressure on healthcare organizations to follow up on the denied or appealed claims. As a result, it is critical to improving your AR process by going above and beyond and resolving issues before they become a nuisance/problem.

Are your A/R backlog and AR days failing to meet industry best practices? Do you lack the resources to manage your accounts receivable? Do your processes result in ineffective write-off policies, ineffective closures, and so on? Here is your best option for outsourcing your accounts receivable services through Centxia. Centxia can assist your organization in dealing with your accounts receivables effectively and also by improving collections.

AR Management capabilities include:

  • Expertise in Physician and Hospital A/R

  • Aggressive A/R Follow-up

  • Time-tested Best practices

  • Appeal Calling Capability

  • A/R work flow management system

  • Real-time reports & Status updates

  • A/R KPI metrics check

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