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Demographics Entry & Eligibility Verification

Demographics entry and Eligibility verification are critical to guarantee accurate and timely receipt of insurance coverage and patient information. A healthcare organization could be wasting money, if necessary, checks and balances are not in place. Ineffective eligibility and benefits verification and/or pre authorization processes can result in late payments and rejections, resulting in lower collections and revenues.

Determining the patient’s eligibility quickly and accurately on the front-end gives’ healthcare providers a clear picture of the patient’s coverage details, out-of-network benefits, and payment responsibility. Centxia has extensive experience in working with both government insurance and commercial insurance companies.  We provide customized eligibility verification services for all medical specialties and practices of all process. Our Eligibility verification and Demographics Entry processes assist healthcare providers in submitting error-less claims, increasing upfront collections, and improving patient satisfaction.

Eligibility Verification capabilities include:

  • Enter the patient information accurately 

  • Real time Eligibility Results

  • Exceptional work flow

  • Speedy Pre-authorization

  • Accurate & Timely Reporting

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