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Medical Billing

Inability to document care data successfully can prompt income spillage, which can cost you a large number of dollars. Charge entry or billing is the way toward allocating a financial worth to a patient record dependent on the clinical codes chose and the related expense plan. Charge entry should be sans mistake, as blunders may prompt case denials. Our Workflow arrangements help lessen occurrences of lost income while executing compelling charge entry or billing.

Our billing experts handle a huge volume of charge entry transactions with outstanding precision. We give brilliant coordination between the coding and charge entry or billers team, advancing long haul improvement in the general cycle while additionally expanding proficiency, on account of our aptitude in different strengths and RCM Platforms. Centxia's services facilitate smooth correspondence among our groups, bringing in a seamless end-to-end process.

Charge Entry or Billing capabilities include:

  • Multispecialty Billing & Collections

  • Well versed RCM Platforms

  • Physician Education

  • Certified Billing Professionals

  • Swift Turnaround Time

  • Accuracy of Output

  • Charge Analytics

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