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Medical Coding

Centxia is a true partner that takes the time to understand your unique coding requirements by providing the right resources. We ensure that you are getting guaranteed quality and support with the right resources.

Our Certified Coders Professionals Provide Unparalleled Expertise & Proven Results


Centxia offers a comprehensive range of coding services to fulfil the needs of any healthcare provider or organization. Our health information management (HIM) coding experts play a critical role in revenue cycle management. Our coding services help you maintain coding compliance while increasing revenue realization that appropriately reflects the services you provide and the resources used.

Regular coding audits are normally performed as part of a healthcare facility or provider’s internal compliance plan, and they normally consist of a random or focused audit sampling of data over a set period, usually once a year. While compliance plan-driven audits are helpful, healthcare institutions and providers should not presume that additional audits aren’t necessary or valuable.

Additionally, our audit reports can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client, with detailed reports used to identify error trends and to support results-driven coding staff education. We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your coding, documentation, billing, and reimbursement practices to identify and communicate performance improvement opportunities.

Denial management is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow and managing the revenue cycle successfully. Inadequately handling insurer denials results in revenue loss for your medical practice. Denials are a concern not only because they result in revenue loss, but also because evaluating denied claims and reviewing coding and documentation, as well as payer-specific requirements for coding adjustments and claim resubmissions, takes time and effort.

  • Facility Coding Capabilities Include:

    • IP- DRG Coding​

    • Same-day Surgery Coding

    • Observation Coding

    • Emergency Department Coding

    • Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding

  • Physician Coding Capabilities Include:

    • Anesthesia Coding​

    • ED Physician Coding

    • Outpatient E/M Coding 

    • Outpatient Surgery Coding

    • Surgical Pathology Coding

    • Radiology Coding

  • Coding Audits Capabilities Include:

    • Internal Hospital & Physician Specialty Coding Audits​

    • Compliance Audits

    • Charge Audits

  • Coding Denial Management capabilities include:

    • Hospital Coding Denial Management​

    • Physician Coding Denial Management

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