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Payment Posting

Many administrators consider coding and clinical documentation to be the key anchors of effective medical billing and payment posting to be simply the process of posting payments. But a good payment processing team provides clear insights into the overall performance of your revenue cycle process and allows you to understand revenue patterns and perform analytics.

Centxia's settlement handling experts accomplish something other than payment processing. They provide the trends and reasons for denials, prior authorization, non-covered services, quality of your clinical documentation and coding processes, and effectiveness of your front-end patient collections. The payment posting measure gives lucidity on the state of your revenue cycle, and along these lines you should enlist an exceptionally effective workforce to deal with payments.


Payment Posting capabilities include:

  • Multispecialty Billing & Collections

  • Well versed RCM Platforms

  • Swift Turnaround Time

  • Remittance Professionals

  • Accuracy of Output

  • Payment Analytics

  • Real-time Collection Reports

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